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LOLI Database
LOLI is the most comprehensive chemical regulatory database available today.

LOLI Desktop
ChemADVISOR’s powerful tool for searching the LOLI Database and customizing the information to meet your company’s specific needs.

ChemADVISOR Online
ChemADVISOR Online makes the LOLI regulatory lists available online.

LOLI Data Phrase Translations
Translate textual information found in the LOLI regulatory database.

ChemADVISOR's solution to provide the LOLI database in an SAP environment.

OHS Pure Substance Database
The OHS Pure Substance Database contains originally authored Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and summary sheets for more than 20,000 pure chemical substances. It is up-to-date (updated quarterly), standardized and complete including European Community (EC) safety data.

EH&S Data Elements
A regulatory module designed to provide reliable safety, health and regulatory data to support custom applications, including regulatory reporting, inventory management, etc.

Transportation Advisor
The Transportation Advisor is a tool for identifying and classifying hazardous materials for transportation.

OHS Web Hosted Service
The Web Hosted Service is a secured, outsourced database management solution that allows ChemADVISOR to host your SDS databases on our servers.


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