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By Lily Hou, PhD., CHMM

On Dec 27, 2015, the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress passed the first Anti-Terrorism Law of the People's Republic of China, aiming to promote national security and protect its citizens from terrorists. The new legislation took effect on January 1, 2016.

The law contains provisions that impose new obligations on manufacturers and importers for monitoring hazardous chemicals. Article 22 of the law requires manufacturers and importers to:

  • Make digital tracking tags for
    • guns and other weapons,
    • ammunition,
    • hazardous chemicals,
    • civil-use explosives,
    • nuclear or radioactive materials
  • Monitor vehicles via a positioning system when carrying
    • hazardous chemicals,
    • civil-use explosives,
    • nuclear or radioactive materials
  • Add inspection markers to civil-use explosives

Companies not compliant with the new requirements are subject to a fine of up to 100,000 yuan. The principle responsible personnel are punishable by a fine of up to 10,000 yuan. Detailed provisions on the digital tracking tags or monitoring system have not yet been published.


Anti-Terrorism Law of the People's Republic of China



by June Kang

On January 21, 2016, Korea’s Ministry of Environment (MOE) announced “Existing Chemical Substances Subject to Registration that the Lead Registrants Have Been Elected” in the official gazette as MOE Public Announcement No. 2016-14. A total of 120 substances are listed in the announcement and it is available online at:

Prior to the MOE’s public announcement, the Task Force on Support for Industry in Complying with Chemical Safety Rules (“Support TF”), that is funded by the Korean government, announced the revised final lead registrant list of the 120 existing chemical substances subject to registration on January 12, 2016. The list was previously announced on January 6, 2016 and re-announced after revision. The announcement and the list is available at:

To help industry, the Support TF published “Procedure of CICO operation and administration” on October 26, 2015. CICO stands for Chemical substance Information Communicative Organization (CICO) which parallels the SIEF (Substance Information Exchange Forum) concept in EU-REACH. The guidance specifies procedures for organizing CICO for joint registration and appointing a lead registrant for the CICO. The guidance also outlines support of joint registration by manufacturers and importers of existing substances in order to achieve an efficient registration and communication process. The English version of the guideline is available as an attached pdf file at:

Korea Chemicals Management Association (KCMA) also published a K-REACH guideline and it is available in English at:

K-REACH (formally known as the Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemical Substances) requires companies to register existing chemical substances subject to registration (total 510 substances) prior to manufacture or import in quantities at 1 ton or more per year.


by Tammy J. Murphy

In the 2 January 2016 edition of the Canada Gazette, Part I, Environment Canada published a “Notice with Respect to Hydrofluorocarbons in Bulk.” The Notice falls under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA, 1999) and requires that any person meeting the criteria in Schedule 2 submit the required information from Schedule 3 by March 2, 2016, 5:00 pm, EST.

The Notice applies to hydrofluorocarbons having a molecular formula of CnHxF(2n+2-x) in which 0<n<6. Although 20 specific substances are noted in Schedule 1, it is not a comprehensive list. Please see the Notice for this list of substances.

Schedule 2 details the information regarding “Persons Required to Provide Information” and also lists exceptions. Schedule 3 provides the details for the information required to be submitted. It also includes definitions as well as end use codes and descriptions.

Additional information can be found on Environment Canada’s CEPA Registry site and on the Government of Canada’s Chemical Substances site. The full text of the publication should be consulted for complete details.


Canada Gazette, Part I, January 2, 2016 edition:


January 25, 2016, Singapore - ChemADVISOR, a world leader in chemical regulatory consulting services and data, is pleased to announce the recent opening of our Singapore office.  The office will serve as a center of our business and regulatory content development activities in this region. 

"The opening of our Singapore office is a reflection of the regulatory changes and growth of compliance needs in the Asia-Pacific region," says Yuko Asano, Director of ChemADVISOR Asia.

ChemADVISOR's president, Andy Dsida, is pictured here with two of the first office staff members, Yuko Asano and Nathan Kongprachaya.

The office is located at:

36 Armenian St #04-11
Singapore 179934
Tel: +65 6509 9823


ChemADVISOR, Inc. is the indispensable source of Environmental, Health, Safety and Transportation information.  We specialize in providing regulatory consulting services, regulatory products and regulatory training to meet our customer’s global regulatory compliance needs.

  • Regulatory Consulting: ChemADVISOR provides SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and label preparation and review. Additionally, ChemADVISOR conducts hazard evaluations, performs gap analysis, and due diligence activity. ChemADVISOR provides global chemical and product registration support.
  • Regulatory Training: Topics include courses such as the Globally Harmonized System, International Hazard Communication, Regional and Country Specific Regulations, SDS Authoring, Hazardous Materials Transportation Regulations and REACH. 
  • Regulatory Database: ChemADVISOR maintains the LOLI (List of Lists) regulatory database.  The LOLI Database that contains over 5400 regulatory lists from around the world, useful for SDS preparation and other regulatory compliance needs. Data sources include inventories, physical properties and toxicity data as well as data necessary for international environmental, health and safety chemical compliance.

For further information, please contact:

Yuko Asano
Tel: +65 6509 9823