June 4, 2012 – PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA – ChemADVISOR is pleased to announce the release of a Chinese language graphical user interface (GUI) for ChemADVISOR Online, ChemADVISOR’s web-based tool for accessing our database products.  The new GUI supports users of the LOLI Database, Transportation Database and OHS Pure Substance Database.

The Chinese language GUI can be turned on using the drop box in the upper right corner of your screen after you log into ChemADVISOR Online using your existing user name and password.

Over the next few months, ChemADVISOR will be adding additional languages.

If you would like more information about ChemADVISOR Online or any of our other products, contact ChemADVISOR today:

+1 412-847-2000
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2012年6月4日 - 匹兹堡,宾夕法尼亚 - ChemADVISOR公司发布新版ChemADVISOR在线,支持中文界面及中文输入法。ChemADVISOR在线是一个功能强大的数据库检索系统,通过网络连接到LOLI数据库,运输数据库以及OHS纯物质数据库等不同的数据库。