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Subscribing to our Regulatory Update Service will provide automatic quarterly updates to help ensure your ChemADVISOR-authored Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are kept current with the most recent chemical-specific regulatory changes. The Regulatory Update Service is offered at a low annual per document fee.

All documents enrolled in the Regulatory Update Service will be subjected to a chemical-specific regulatory check against the information in our LOLI Regulatory Database every 90 days. If this check reveals any necessary changes to the document, ChemADVISOR will automatically update the documents AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. Every three months your company will receive either a file via FTP, CD, or e-mail with all updated documents along with a change report that highlights the changes.

You can enroll any documents authored by ChemADVISOR into the Regulatory Update Service. This includes documents written at any time over the past three years*, as well as any new requests.

Regulatory Update Service Features:

  • Update frequency: Quarterly
  • Delivery methods: CD or email
  • Document formats: Microsoft Word, PDF, or HTML

*Documents requested more than three years ago may not be compliant with current format standards. ChemADVISOR recommends a standard update to older documents before beginning the Regulatory Update Service.


For more information or to discuss your company’s specific needs, please contact us at or call us at +1 412-847-2000.