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Market Readiness


Market readiness is the process of ensuring that a product is ready and compliant to sell in a given market. It can also be referred to as Salability. In evaluating a product’s market readiness, we examine a scope including:

  • Hazard Communication
  • Substance Registration/Notification
  • Product Registration/Notification
  • Product Use Specific Requirements
  • Identification of Applicable Regulations


ChemADVISOR’s team of experts monitors regulations around the world. Our global expertise is primed to evaluate products for sale between regulated countries. Our experts identify chemicals that are regulated and interpret how regulations may (or may not) affect our customer’s attempts to push product to market.

As part of a market readiness assessment, regulatory experts will complete a product review that involves product and product substance evaluation to identify regulatory requirements for legal sale. This process is completed for industrial or consumer applications. The product review will be the first step toward full compliance. The review will summarize the current regulatory status as it applies to your unique situation, identify any gaps that need to be addressed, and steps needed before your material can be declared “Market Ready.”

Watch as ChemADVISOR’s Dennis Deily identifies the ways that we can help you answer these type of questions: Have you met the regulatory requirements to ship your product to the countries where you do business? Where exactly are you at in complying with the regulations?  Do you have the documentation? Can the products be effectively sold? Are you truly prepared to support a global market?