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Hazard Communication Program

Preparation and Audit

Did you know that one of the most commonly cited OSHA Hazard Communication inspection violations is “lack of, or an incomplete, written program”?  When planning your OSHA HazCom Compliance actions, don’t overlook reviewing and updating your written Hazard Communication program. In fact, We can help.

ChemADVISOR has experts on staff to review and update your written Hazard Communication program.

The written Hazard Communication program is considered a blueprint of your workplace specific program reflecting your current Hazard Communication compliance process and includes items such as:

  • Who is responsible within your organization for implementation of different aspects of the Hazard Communication requirements
  • How the requirements for labels, SDS and training are being met
  • Type of in plant labeling system used
  • How the hazards of non-routine tasks are addressed
  • How Hazard Communication is handled in a multi-employer workplace
  • List of OSHA hazardous known to be present in the workplace

Contact ChemADVISOR to assist you in all your HazCom needs!

For more information or to discuss your company’s specific needs, please contact us at info@chemadvisor.com or call us at +1 412-847-2000.