REACH Essentials Course

REACH Essentials is a one-day course designed to introduce REACH requirements with a focus on the regulatory text. Topics covered include not only the main elements of the Regulation, Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction, but also registration dossier requirements, elements of a Chemical Safety Assessment, and provisions on Safety Data Sheets.

REACH Practical Implementation Course

ChemADVISOR’s REACH Practical Implementation Course introduces selected REACH topics with an emphasis on technical guidance published by ECHA and the ECB. In this one day course, attendees will explore the commission and agency interpretations of substance identification, information requirements, and provisions related to registration.

REACH Moving forward with Registration - CSA/CSR/ES/eSDS 

In this two day course we will cover the information requirements under REACH with regard to substance properties, exposure, use and risk management measures, in the context of the chemical safety assessment. The aim is to help the course attendees with their preparation for fulfilling their obligations under the REACH Regulation.  The course covers the collection of available information regarding the intrinsic properties of substances to be registered, the assessment of this information against the requirements specified by REACH, the identification of data gaps and the generation of the additional information required to fill the data gaps. The course will provide information on conducting Chemical Safety Assessments and preparing Chemical Safety Reports (CSR), when required. A CSR may be required as part of a registration dossier, as part of an authorisation application, or as part of downstream user obligations. It also sets out the basic principles for authorities preparing a risk assessment. This may be needed in support of a restriction proposal, of a proposal to include substances into the authorisation regime, or as part of a substance evaluation. We will also look at the hazard assessment; this part of the course covers information requirements on intrinsic properties of a substance under REACH, including information gathering, non-testing approaches and the so-called integrated testing strategies for generating the relevant and required information on each endpoint.

IUCLID5 User Training Course

The IUCLID5 User Training Course is designed to provide industry professionals with the skills necessary to navigate and proficiently use IUCLID5 in the completion of substance datasets for the purpose of REACH compliance. In this course, special attention is given to correlating IUCLID5 datasets with not only the information requirements given by the Regulation, but also those interpreted into technical guidance.