ChemADVISOR offers extensive Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals (REACH) consulting services.

Organizational and Consulting Services

  • Strategic consultancy, analysis of your REACH requirements and development of a strategy how to implement the REACH regulation
  • Support during the years following the pre-registration phase, e.g. late pre-registration, authorisation
  • Determining submission deadlines for substance registration
  • Communication in the supply chain (contacting suppliers and downstream users)
  • Determining which substances qualify for exemptions

Classification and Labelling Services

  • Substance and preparation classifications according to the CLP
  • Label statement review based on the classifications
  • Updating SDSs to reflect the classification

Dossier Preparation and Submission Services

  • Dossier Preparation
    • Creation of Chemical Safety Reports to be attached to IUCLID5 dossiers
      • Chemical Safety Assessments
        • Human Health Hazard Assessment
        • Human Health Hazard Assessment of Physicochemical Properties
        • Environmental Hazard Assessment
        • PBT and vPvB Assessment
        • Exposure Assessment
        • Exposure Scenario
        • Risk Assessment
    • Reviewing and revising classification and labelling of substances and preparations
    • Identification of analogues/read across/grouping
    • Use of modeling software for the purpose of employing QSAR/read-across
    • Auditing registration dossiers prior to submission to REACH-IT
  • Submission of IUCLID5 registration dossier to REACH-IT

Third Party Representative and SIEF Representation Services

  • Identification/naming of substances – sameness - (to determine appropriate SIEF during Pre-SIEF activities)
  • Preparation and collection of data for SIEF
  • Representation within SIEF meetings according to Article 4 of REACH
  • Confidential handling of data

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