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In some situations companies may find it necessary to protect their confidential business information by masking the identity of the substances in their products.  Under CLP this can be done by requesting an alternative chemical name from the European Chemical Agency (ECHA).

 Once an alternative chemical name has been approved by ECHA, the name can be used in all EU Member States on your hazard communication documents, including your Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and product label.

 ChemADVISOR can assist you with this process.  At a very reasonable price per request, ChemADVISOR can assist you in:

-          Determining which substances may qualify for an alternative chemical name
-          Preparing the request dossiers for the eligible substances
-          Submitting the dossiers to ECHA
-          Monitoring the progress of the requests

Please note, there are fees that are imposed by ECHA for each request.  These fees are based on the size of the requesting entity and the number of mixtures involved in the request.  The requesting company will be responsible for those fees.

For more information, or to initiate a request, contact ChemADVISOR today.