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ChemADVISOR can offer products and services in support of your attempts to comply with the regulatory requirements for your products around the world. We are able to tailor these products and services to meet your company’s exact needs, from aiding your in-house experts in monitoring the global chemical control environment, to conducting global product registration on your behalf.

Product Reviews

ChemADVISOR can provide a report of the status of your current products, including screening substances against regulatory lists and investigating product-specific requirements. This can be performed for any country or group of countries.

Based on the results of this research, we will provide guidance to address any identified issues in a detailed path forward for bringing your products and substances into compliance.

Global Registration Services

Using our network of in-house expertise and third party subject matter experts, ChemADVISOR can help you to implement and execute a plan for achieving global registration compliance.

Our experts are familiar with the various global notification and registration scheme softwares and can provide specific training for you to use these or work within your account to perform a registration. Where permitted by the country authority we have the capacity (sometimes using our network of partners) to perform a registration as a Third Party Representative (TPR), Only Representative (OR) or legal entity. These measures will save your resources and can protect your trade secret information where you would otherwise need to disclose it to an importer.

You can view a video of our products and services on ChemADVISORTV.