ChemADVISOR has years of experience in authoring of Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in all European languages and in the classification and labeling of substances and preparations.

Under REACH the SDS is even more important as a means of communication throughout the supply chain. ChemADVISOR monitored the changes to the SDS under REACH. Some modifications will occur under REACH. Safety data sheets will continue to contain information on the hazards of the substance, or the preparation, as well as information on the recommended risk management measures to adequately control any risks to health and environment.

ChemADVISOR's (M)SDS Services Team authors REACH compliant Safety Data Sheets.


Our services include:

  • Preparation of SDSs for your entire product inventory and/or intermediates
  • Screening of existing SDS
  • SDS preparation for all regions & countries
  • SDS preparation for all formats
    • Globally Harmonized System (GHS)
    • ANSI
  • Electronic formats of SDSs:
    • Rich Text
    • HTML
    • Microsoft Word
    • PDF
  • SDS translation into any language

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