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EHS&T Compliance Awareness Checklist


The following questions are intended to help you quickly evaluate how well you may be doing in your regulatory compliance efforts.  If the answers to any of the questions leave you wanting assistance in understanding or addressing EHS&T issues you may have, by clicking submit, your answers will be forwarded to our regulatory team to follow up with you. You can also contact us by calling +1 (412) 847-2000. It is our intent to be a resource to you, and contact you only if you believe we can be of assistance. Your answers will be held in confidence and will not be shared with anyone outside of ChemADVISOR.

1. Are you confident that you understand the requirements and regulations that pertain to your business and products?
2. Does your company have Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) that meet the regulatory content, format and language requirements?
3. Do you know HOW your products are packaged and classified for all anticipated modes of transport and are you confident that they are correct and up to date?
4. Do you have access to a reliable source (or process) for following new, existing and changing regulations?
5. Are there adequate resources at your company to address the Environmental, Health, Safety and Transportation requirements ensuring an acceptable level of compliance?
6. If you import chemicals/mixtures for use in your products, are you aware of how the compliance concerning imported chemicals and mixtures is addressed at your company and who is managing it?
7. If you export chemicals or chemical products to the EU, are you aware of how the compliance concerning exported chemicals and mixtures is addressed at your company and who is managing it?
8. Are you confident that your company has the necessary regulatory information (inventory status, registrations?) on chemicals and mixtures you purchase?
9. Are you confident that all your products meet the Federal, State and local regulatory requirements (inventory, registration, reporting) wherever they are sold?
10. Are there aspects of your business/products for which you are not certain what regulatory requirements apply?