SDS Authoring Software (EHS-AT)

SDS Authoring Software (EHS-AT)

Keeping up with the ever-changing global hazard communication requirements and latest SDS Authoring Software is a continuing challenge for EHS&T professionals. How do you ensure you have the required formats, classification rules, translated phrases and regulatory data needed to do business around the world?

We can help you meet this challenge with ChemADVISOR’s EH&S Authoring Tool (EHS-AT) – SDS authoring software designed by SDS authors for SDS authors! This full featured and flexible application combines templates, rules and data to provide a comprehensive solution to your authoring needs.

EH&S Authoring Tool is pre-populated with the ChemADVISOR’s LOLI Regulatory Database and Transportation Database, providing immediate access to world class, global regulatory data.

Templates are included for the US (OSHA-GHS) and the EU (CLP). All templates contain the appropriate rules and layouts to create GHS compliant SDSs and label statements. The powerful GHS classification engine is based upon the UN’s Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (Purple Book) and incorporates country and region specific classification requirements.

Other templates are available, including ones for Australia, China, Japan, Korea, and Russia. EHS-AT allows you to create and modify templates, no need to hire a consultant or wait for internal IT resources.

An industry-standard English language phrase library is included. ChemADVISOR offers a number of optional phrase libraries, such as Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Russian, among many others.

ChemADVISOR delivers EHS-AT through the Cloud. No need to go through the time and effort of another software implementation! Let us take care of maintaining and updating the SDS authoring software for you. We will also apply LOLI and Transportation updates on a weekly basis. ChemADVISOR will provide you with secure access to your hosted location, then you can begin authoring almost immediately.

Our team of regulatory experts also provide SDS authoring and consulting outsourcing services.

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EHS Authoring Tool (EHS-AT) is ChemADVISOR’s application for the creation, customization, translation and management of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and labels. Our authors and customers use this tool to generate hazard communication documents for thousands of products in formats and languages supporting the globe. Watch ChemADVISOR’s Janet Neal as she demonstrates how it works.