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ChemADVISOR chemical inventory mobile applications allow you to quickly and seamlessly determine the inventory status and burden of a chemical substance.


ChemADVISOR’S LOLI Data Analytics mobile application is a methodology that allows users to quickly estimate the relative regulatory burden of chemical substances, while also locating substances with similar chemistry.  Multiple substances can be searched at the same time, allowing users to compare for regulatory weight. This application is aimed at non-regulatory experts who wish to consider regulatory burden as a decision support input.  The mobile app projects the regulatory burden of a substance as a colored circle of varying size.  The larger the area of the circle, the greater the regulatory burden associated with the substance. The color of the circle changes from green to yellow and then to red as the level of burden increases.

This application can be adapted for use within your company’s chemical management and hazard communication tools.  In addition to the mobile app, ChemADVISOR has future plans to make the metric available as a web service that can be integrated directly into other systems. Contact us for details. The methodology used in developing the app is available in a white paper.

English version of LOLI Data Analytics:

Chinese version of LOLI Data Analytics (LOLI化学数据分析):


This Chemical Inventory Search tool allows you to quickly see the inventory status of a chemical in those countries which have an inventory. The updated app now allows for unlimited chemical inventory searches. The app is available in both English and Chinese, and it can be linked to an existing ChemADVISOR Online account.  The application is available for use on both iOS and Android devices.  

What is a Chemical Inventory Search?

Many nations have established a list of chemical substances that are in commerce in that country.  These lists are commonly known as chemical inventories.

Determining the status of a substance on a chemical inventory is an important first step in understanding how a particular substance is regulated in a country.  Every country who has an inventory establishes and maintains their own chemical inventory in their own unique way. For instance, there may be exemptions for certain substances (i.e., if they are naturally occurring) or there may be exemptions available that would allow a substance to enter into commerce without being present on an inventory.  Finally, some inventories allow for specific substance identities to be kept confidential. This Chemical Inventory Search tool allows you to see quickly the inventory status of a chemical in those countries which have an inventory.

English version of ChemADVISOR Inventory Search:

Chinese version of ChemADVISOR Inventory Search (化学品法规查询系统):