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LOLI SAP and EHS&T Compliance Suite


ChemADVISOR’s LOLI database is available in an SAP environment, and in multiple languages. These translations can be used on their own or they can be linked to other language phrase banks. In addition to data values, the database comes with millions of chemical identifiers and tens of thousands of chemical links. LOLI-SAP is compatible with most versions of SAP and certified under the SAP ICC (Integration and Certification Center) program for OCC.

If you need help in setting up LOLI-SAP, ChemADVISOR can provide SAP consulting resources to help you. These consultants will have a familiarity with SAP, SAP-EHS and regulatory data. ChemADVISOR also has working relationships with most of the major global SAP-EHS implementation companies or we would be happy to work with your preferred vendor.

Our other available SAP modules:


Load data into an empty system, convert existing data, and receive regular updates.

You can use the LOLI-SAP Loading Tool to easily interface with your SAP system. This program allows you to make an initial load of Product Safety or Dangerous Goods data into the correct database locations. If desired, data is also provided for related customization tables. You may use our suggested property tree settings or select your own settings for the placement of data.

The LOLI-SAP Loading Tool also allows for updates into a system that already has LOLI data loaded. This can include additions (substances or regulations), deletions, or changes to regulatory data. LOLI-SAP is updated quarterly. Additional value instances of LOLI data may also be added to characteristics which have previously been filled in—LOLI-SAP will not overwrite this existing data.

The LOLI-SAP Loading Tool has an easy-to-use interface which connects to the appropriate SAP (ABAP) function calls. The majority of the processing occurs directly within SAP and saves numerous hours in updating time, allowing for 50% faster loading than the leading competitive product (tested by an independent company). There are a full set of reporting features so that you can track what is about to change, what has been changed, and what your default settings are.


  • Proper shipping name (in multiple languages), hazard class and packing group, risk potential and other transportation information.


  • Exposure limits, classification, inventory status information and other EHS designations are available for jurisdictions all over the world.
  • LOLI-SAP includes several physical chemical properties of  toxicity / ecotoxicity data.


Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Classification and Labelling Expert Rules for SAP EH&S.

The GHS rule set is designed to handle the various versions of the GHS. This includes both the United Nation’s Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (Purple Book) as well country-specific implementations.

The rules are configurable to allow users to include, exclude and prioritize specific classification criteria. Used in conjunction with the LOLI-SAP EHS&T datasets, the rules allow for classifications considering:

  • Physical, chemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological endpoints
  • Published GHS classifications
  • Other existing classification and labeling information (e.g., OSHA classifications)

Country specific adoptions of GHS are taken into account through the inclusion of published GHS classifications, country building blocks and thresholds. The rules also take into consideration the hierarchy of data, such as mixture test data, component test data, published-classifications, and self-classifications.


ChemADVISOR offers a Remote Updating Service for the LOLI-SAP EHS&T Compliance Suite to relieve your internal information technology and environmental, health and safety resources from performing this task. ChemADVISOR will perform regular quarterly updates to your existing LOLI-SAP system. ChemADVISOR can assist in the management of your LOLI-SAP company specific settings, such as customized mapping. We will then update SAP using the LOLI-SAP Loading Tool, including applying link decisions. These consultants are experienced in SAP EH&S, regulatory content and database management.

The LOLI-SAP data that can be loaded into your SAP EH&S specification database includes the Product Safety, Dangerous Goods, GHS, Physical-Chemical, Ecotoxicity, and Toxicity datasets. ChemADVISOR will perform regular quarterly updates to your existing LOLI-SAP system that already has data loaded into SAP EH&S. ChemADVISOR can assist in the management of your LOLI-SAP company specific settings, customized mapping and other related settings, such as link decisions. Another value added service is the creation of customized reports which allow your environmental, health, safety and transportation staff to monitor what has changed for a given regulatory content update.