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Physical chemical properties and toxicity data including:

  • pH
  • Flash point
  • Boiling point
  • Extinguishing media
  • Octanol/Water coefficient
  • Water solubility
  • Density
  • Vapor pressure
  • Specific gravity
  • LD50 values
  • LC50 values
  • Ecotoxicity – freshwater algae
  • Ecotoxicity – freshwater fish
  • Ecotoxicity – microtox
  • Ecotoxicity – water flea
  • Over a dozen other properties

In addition to data values, the database comes with millions of chemical identifiers and tens of thousands of chemical links.

Compatible with most versions of SAP

LOLI-SAP and the LOLI-SAP Loading Tool are compatible with:

  • SAP R/3 4.6C, EH&S™ 2.7B
  • SAP R/3 4.70, EH&S™ 3.1
  • SAP R/3 4.70, EH&S™ 3.2
  • SAP mySAP™ ERP 2004
  • SAP mySAP™ ERP 2005

ChemADVISOR's data content is SAP certified under the SAP ICC (Integration and Certification Center) program for OCC.

Information available in several languages

LOLI-SAP data will be made available in English and other languages. These translations can be used on their own or they can be linked to other language phrase banks.

Implementation assistance is available

If you need help in setting up the LOLI-SAP Loading Tool, ChemADVISOR can provide knowledgeable SAP consulting resources to help you. These consultants will have a familiarity with SAP, SAP-EHS and regulatory data. ChemADVISOR also has working relationships with most of the major SAP-EHS implementation companies in Europe and the United States and we would be happy to work with your preferred vendor.

Due to the ease-of-use of the LOLI-SAP Loading Tool, consulting assistance should be minimal or unnecessary for performing regulatory updates.


email: for pricing or call 800-466-3750