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Chemical synonyms – Many chemicals are known by different names. We capture the chemical names as they are used in the list sources in LOLI. These names include synonyms, technical and trade names, and chemical name translations. An example of chemical synonyms can be found here.

Generic links (chemical groups) – Some jurisdictions regulate chemical categories rather than specific chemical substances (ex. Mercury compounds). ChemADVISOR captures this information and allows you to include this information when you search the database. For a full presentation on how ChemADVISOR handles generic links, please go here.

List header information – In addition to the list content, ChemADVISOR provides a list header. The list header provides the necessary context to understand why a list was created and how a list should be used. In addition, the list header provides detailed source information, list update records, and a link to the text of the original source, where available. An example of a list header can be found here.

GHS Standardized View – In addition to the GHS Classifications as published by the relevant sources, ChemADVISOR also presents this data in a standard format in hazard class-specific or Composite Classification and Labelling lists, which allows for easy comparison of classifications across sources, and programming rule functionality against standard list content.

Change Reporting - LOLI Desktop can produce a document detailing every change made in a list or group of lists during a specified time frame. Alternatively, you can determine for a specific chemical (CAS number) or group of chemicals any changes that occurred during a specified time period. The tool provides a tabbed result view based on the type of change:  Additions, Chemical Name Changes, Data Changes, and Deletions.  The results can be exported and saved in one of four formats (comma-separated values, HTML, Rich text or text) or printed.

XML Parsing - All lists are stored within a single table inside the LOLI database.  ChemADVISOR achieves the ability to store such a wide variety of content within a single table by taking advantage of eXtensible Markup Language (XML).  Each LOLI List has its own separate XML Schema definition which is available within the LOLI database and used to consume each given list's XML content from the main data table.  This use of XML allows for a simpler database design making it much easier for developers to consume the LOLI database for integration within third party or custom applications.

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