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A consistent set of development practices and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) serve as a foundation for reviewing and maintaining a high quality database and for the development of new data.  In order to produce and maintain a high quality regulatory database, ChemADVISOR reviews existing and potential new regulatory and advisory sources on at least a quarterly basis to ensure data relevancy, currency, accuracy, and accessibility.  Each Regulatory Database team member is responsible for lists that are specific to their assigned area of responsibility. Lists are updated as a source is amended and are audited once a year against the current source.  New lists are audited by different team member following their input. The following steps are taken during an update or audit review:

  1. Check CAS number, RR number, and chemical nomenclature accuracy.
  2. Verify that regulatory requirements are correct (e.g., if a quantifiable limit or definable compliance measure exists, it should be reflected in the data field rather than simply containing the word “Present”).
  3. Verify/correct data format.
  4. Add/delete/revise substances and their associated data as appropriate.

In addition, there are software-based technical audits performed weekly on the LOLI master database that check the data for a variety of potential inconsistencies based on definitions outlined by both the IT and Regulatory departments' content standards.