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The LOLI Database offers extensive Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling (GHS) related regulatory data in a variety of categories and data types.

 You can view a presentation on how to use LOLI Data to aid in GHS compliance at ChemADVISORTV.

Published GHS Classifications

GHS substance classifications determined by the regulatory authorities. For example:

  • Australia (NICNAS)
  • European Union (Annex VI of the EU regulation 1272/2008 on Classification, Labelling and Packaging)
  • Indonesia (Ministry of Industry)
  • Japan (National Institute of Technology and Evaluation)
  • Korea (Ministry of Labor and National Emergency Management)
  • New Zealand (Environmental Risk Management Authority)
  • Taiwan (Council of Labor Affairs)

In addition to presenting GHS data true to the format of the publishing agency, ChemADVISOR also provides a GHS standardized view. This view provides a set of consistent fields and formats for each GHS classification across all countries and regions.


Supplementary Information

The LOLI Database also provides useful information for conducting GHS classifications:

  • Eco-toxicological data such as acute toxicity to freshwater fish
  • Physical and chemical properties such as Bio Concentration Factor (BCF) data
  • Toxicological data such as acute oral toxicity

The worldwide GHS implementation process is ongoing and dynamic. In order to stay on top of these changes, you will need to have a tool like the LOLI Database at your fingertips. The LOLI Database is updated constantly and our LOLI Desktop application allows you to update your database every week.

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