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RR Numbers are an important feature of the LOLI Database.  They are used to identify “Generic Links” or “Chemical Categories”.  RR Numbers are used whenever a source does not designate a specific substance to be regulated.  A very common example of this is metal compounds.  Many regulations name a category of substance such as  “Mercury Compounds” or “Lead Compounds”.  In these cases, the regulation does not name the specific substances, but simply says that if your molecule contains an atom of this element, it will be regulated in this way.  To deal with that situation, ChemADVISOR has created the RR Number as a chemical identifier and we will link specific substances in the database to that generic category.  RR Numbers are specific to ChemADVISOR products, and have been in use for over 20 years. 

You can display Generic Links in our ChemADVISOR Online, LOLI Desktop and LOLI in the Cloud products by selecting the Show Links option on the LOLI Query Screen.  If your developers would like to use generic links in an application that your company is developing, I can put them in touch with one of our database exerts.

We have prepared a one hour presentation on RR Numbers, and it is publically available below and also on our YouTube Channel: ChemADVISORTV

Generic Links Webinar - Introduction - June 2010



Generic Links Webinar - Linking Procedure - June 2010


Generic Links Webinar - Using Links - June 2010


Generic Links Webinar - LOLI Demonstration - June 2010