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LOLI Desktop®, developed by ChemADVISOR Inc., enables users to efficiently and effectively research and utilize global regulatory environmental, health, safety, and transportation information available in the LOLI Regulatory Database.

LOLI Desktop Features

LOLI Desktop allows you to:

  • Search the database using:
    • CAS number
    • Inventory identification number
    • Chemical names (including foreign language synonyms)
    • Partial chemical names
    • Chemical formula or formula elements
  • Create customized lists to capture proprietary and company specific information:
    • Private lists can be created for use by individual users. They are available only at a particular installation of the software.
    • Public lists can be created for use throughout an entire organization. They are available to the entire organization covered by a LOLI Desktop license.
  • Conduct integrated LOLI queries
  • View expanded generic link information
  • Simultaneously view the list header and the list content
  • Generate change reports by CAS number or by list
  • Filter search result and list data
  • Easily identify deleted CAS numbers in FindCAS results
  • Control access for multiple users

LOLI Desktop is available via DVD-ROM as an annual subscription for multiple-users or as a corporate license.

The LOLI Desktop user interface is available in four languages:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Russian

The program is available in two versions:

  • LOLI Desktop – Personal edition: Will run on a single workstation. This configuration accesses a local copy of the database.
  • LOLI Desktop – Enterprise edition: Will use a client/server setup. This configuration allows multiple users to access a centralized copy of the database and share public lists.

ChemADVISOR will be happy to schedule a private demonstration of LOLI Desktop for you. Please let us know about your availability and interests.

email: for pricing or call 800-466-3750