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LOLI Database


The LOLI (List Of LIsts) Database is an extensive chemical database designed to quickly and easily find information on specific substances and regulations pertaining to them. LOLI contains over 5,900 regulatory lists from over 129 countries around the world – and counting. The database also includes synonyms and molecular and structural formulas with generic chemical groups. The regulatory data is supplemented with non-regulatory information on related topics such as toxicity, ecotoxicity, and physical properties. LOLI assists you in complying with occupational, environmental, health, and safety regulations and in writing Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and labels for your products and intermediaries. For demonstrations please visit our ChemADVISORTV.

ChemADVISOR provides several software interfaces for the database including:


The API is our newest delivery channel for LOLI chemical regulatory content. The portal offers software developers RESTful web services to access the LOLI Database. Responses may be requested as XML or JSON.

Software developers can try the API – It takes 30 seconds to sign up and 3 minutes to create a simple example application. The developer portal contains live documentation and copy/paste programming examples in C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, and Swift.

Try the sandbox or contact us for more information.



The LOLI Desktop chemical database allows you to efficiently and effectively research and utilize global regulatory environmental, health, safety, and transportation information available in the LOLI Regulatory Database. You can search the database using CAS number, inventory identification number, chemical names, partial chemical names or even chemical formula elements.

LOLI Desktop also allows you to create customized private and public lists to capture propriety and company specific information, conduct integrated LOLI queries, view expanded generic link information, generate a variety of reports, filter search data, and identify deleted CAS numbers. LOLI Desktop is available for multiple users and in multiple languages.


ChemADVISOR can also deliver LOLI Desktop in a SaaS environment. By taking advantage of ChemADVISOR’s hosted solution  you will notice less IT department involvement, seamless product delivery, regular updates are in weekly intervals and have the ability to internally free up storage usage.

LOLI Cloud and Desktop chemical database allow users to:

  1. Create your own lists of chemicals
  2. Take information from LOLI lists
  3. Search on one or many chemicals
  4. Search using personalized scripts
  5. Add and subtract chemicals from your lists
  6. Find synonyms/chemical groups


A consistent set of development practices and Standard Operating Procedures serve as a foundation for reviewing and maintaining a high quality regulatory database and for the development of new data.  To do this, ChemADVISOR reviews existing and new regulatory and advisory sources on at least a quarterly basis to ensure data relevancy, currency, accuracy, and accessibility.  Each Regulatory Database specialist is responsible for lists that are specific to their assigned area of responsibility. Lists are updated as a source is amended and are audited once a year against the current source.  New lists are audited by different team member following their input. In addition, there are software-based technical audits performed weekly on the LOLI master database that check the data for a variety of potential inconsistencies based on definitions outlined by both the IT and Regulatory departments’ content standards.

ChemADVISOR will also be happy to schedule a private demonstration of LOLI Desktop for you. For more specific information about LOLI Database content, contact our LOLI team experts at info@chemadvisor.com.

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