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The  I&I Wercs Logo

I&I THE WERCS® provides leading and comprehensive software tools and services for GHS SDS Authoring and Distribution, Retail and Industrial Manufacturing Supply Chain Compliance Solutions as well as Green Chemistry and Sustainability Solutions that help advance the health and safety of the environment in which we work and live.

After nearly 30 years in operation, in November 2013, the Wercs became part of the UL family, a trusted company, with a 120 year tradition and over 150 offices  around the globe whose principles are rooted in science and dedicated to innovation for complex global supply chain challenges, holistically and efficiently.

Today, The WERCS products and services are considered the gold standard in global regulatory and sustainability compliance solutions.

The WERCS tools to author include:

  • SDS, TDS, Trem Card, hazard labels creation
  • More than 21,000 (M)SDS compliant phrases compatible in more than 45 languages
  • More than 5,300 integrated global regulations
  • CLP, GHS, WHMIS, and OSHA compliant
  • Transportation classification
  • Support of REACH required documents
  • Product Data Sheets

Baytouch Logo

ProductTraq has been developed by UK-based Baytouch Ltd using its extensive experience of delivering the cloud-based ReachSuite high performance, reliable REACH compliance solutions used by many thousands of users. It is a data storage and product records management solution designed to meet the needs of chemical handling businesses and organizations of all sizes and throughout the supply chain.

ProductTraq helps Product Stewards and Management to rapidly assess risks in the supply chain by capturing all aspects of supply chain records and communications such as supplier SVHC and conflict mineral declarations, supplier SDS, communicating and collating exposure scenarios and end uses, substance volume tracking (SVT), and to manage the steps to rectify through automated business processes and provide proof of compliance through detailed audit trails.

Accessed by standard Internet browsers from PCs and mobile devices, ProductTraq integration with ChemADVISOR's LOLI Online service provides a complete product information researching and management tool for the needs of  product management and global regulatory compliance in fast moving, dynamic supply chains.

Baytouch's value-added services include implementation and integration services with most major ERP systems, and initial and ongoing chemical regulatory consultancy support for a complete outsourced service where required.


Bloomberg BNA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bloomberg, is a leading source of business information for professionals. Our network of more than 2,500 reporters, correspondents, and leading practitioners deliver expert analysis, news, practice tools, and guidance – the information that matters most to our customers. Bloomberg BNA’s family of environment, health & safety solutions enables your organization to effectively manage every phase of EHS compliance from regulatory news, tracking, and enforcement intelligence to plain-English compliance guidance, audit support, and training. Learn more at


CA Japan, LLC is a sales agent for ChemADVISOR out of Japan. They have been a user of ChemADVISOR products and services since 2009, and has extensive industry knowledge. CA Japan acts as an extension of ChemADVISOR in providing products and services supporting the international chemical regulatory excellence of Japanese companies.


CIS Logo

In order to maintain positions on the EU market and increase the competitiveness of Commonwealth of Independent States(CIS) chemical companies the Coordinating Informational Service Center (CISCenter) was established.  The center includes experts on standardization and labeling of substances, REACH consultants and expert chemists who will help your company find individual solutions for compliance with new CIS legislation.
Our objectives:

  • Information for supply chain participants in the CIS countries and other countries in the field of chemical product safety including support for the chemicals identification process, classification, labelling, SDS creation, authoring and registration of Russian Safety Passport  and consultancy services.
  • Advisory services for the European Union and CIS legislation compliance.
  • Technical support for chemical importers.

We also offer companies in Russia and the CIS individual and corporate training sessions and workshops on chemical product safety, harmonization of regulatory and technical documents and fulfilling its regulatory requirements.



ICC Logo

ICC The Compliance Center Inc. is a provider of solutions for regulatory compliance in transportation and workplace safety, specializing in labeling, packaging, training and consulting. ICC's onsite manufacturing capabilities and recognized regulatory expertise serves customers in chemical distribution and manufacturing, transportation and logistics, paint and coatings, automotive, government, healthcare, consumer products markets and more.

Computype Logo

Computype, Inc. is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company specializing in barcode identification.  We provide on-demand label printing systems, the middleware to enable printing from any host computer system, and the label stock & ribbon to ensure image quality and durability.  GHS-compliant labels can be printed with our two-color XC series printers with label stock engineered for your end-use environment.  Printer-applicators are also available to further automate the labeling process.  We also offer barcode scanners for both linear and 2-D symbols to ensure readability and compliance to specifications.  We serve our North American customers through a local sales force which has expertise in GHS compliance and labeling/scanning technology.

DC Consult Logo

DC Consult is your independent partner for all solutions regarding safety at the workplace. As a consultancy specialised in health and safety issues, DC Consult provides your business or organization with a strong safety policy.  We support companies in the development, implementation and review of all quality- and environmental standards. The team at DC Consult offers specialized knowledge.

What can you expect from DC Consult?

  • We authorize safety data sheets (SDS) in all EU languages.
  • We provide the right EU-GHS/CLP classification calculations of products. There are new (!) values for each substance. Don't be taken by surprise and modify your labels!
  • We draw up labels with new symbols for you. From the 1st of June 2015, all manufactured products (household chemicals) must meet the new standards for labelling. Have you already started the transition?
  • We offer advice in applications for environmental permits.
  • We can organize workplace inspections, audits and reviews.
  • We can perform a Risk Assessment of Hazardous Substances (RI&E) for you. How can you promote a healthy workplace? What health risks are therein your company? How can you reduce those risks?
  • DC Consult can perform PGS15 reviews for you. Which, and how many hazardous substances can you storein your warehouse? How can you minimize environmental and health risks?

Dialog Logo

Dialog online-based information services helps organizations across the globe to seek competitive advantages in such fields as business, science, engineering, finance, and law. The Dialog portfolio of products and services, including Dialog® and DataStar®, offers organizations the ability to precisely retrieve data from more than 1.4 billion unique records of key information, accessible via the Internet or through delivery to enterprise intranets.

With direct operations in 27 countries, Dialog products and services are a combination of highly accurate online research tools offering access to unique and relevant databases — designed to meet the specific needs of a wide range of users. Information professionals and end-users at business, professional, scientific, academic and government organizations in more than 100 countries rely on Dialog services to meet their searching needs.

Formulator Software Icon

Formulator Software develops and supplies Laboratory and (M)SDS software for the Formulation Chemist and Regulatory Agent.  The Formulator (M)SDS development program is designed to link with ChemADVISOR’s LOLI regulatory and chemical data library.  Formulator Software is the next generation lab-book formulation software providing the Formulation Chemist software tools to develop data bases of raw materials, develop formulations to meet technical and cost targets, provide calculations as developed by the user, in addition to meeting regulatory (M)SDS and labeling requirements and QC documentation.  Formulator extends out of the lab to production QC, controls projects in R&D, integrates with sales costing, pricing, sampling requirements, and integrates with most accounting software.


JCDB Established in 1984 as the "Society for the Study for Information-Oriented Chemical Industry", Japan Chemical Database Ltd. (JCDB) has provided major Japanese chemical manufacturers and companies with databases for the industry since 1988. At its inception, the company's main clients were government ministries and agencies. Responding to greater regulation of chemical risks, however, the company now serves approximately 2,000 companies in Japan.

JCDB’s products include:

  • databases of Japanese laws and regulations covering chemical substances
  • software for the creation of (M)SDS and labels
  • preparation of Japanese (M)SDS and labels

KTR Logo

KTR is a non-porfit organisation recognized by the Korean government in 1969. KTR is a  representative accredited institute of KOREA for official testing, inspection, product certification. and now provides the global chemical registration service, particularly in Korea, China and Japan. Visit here to learn more.

LIsam Systems LogoExESS Logo

Lisam Systems is a global provider of EHS solutions to more than 500 customers across the Americas, Asia, and Europe.  Lisam Systems’ flagship EHS software is ExESS®, a Global Chemicals and Inventory Management system built on Microsoft .NET and fully compliant with Microsoft technologies.  ExESS software modules integrate with ChemADVISOR’s LOLI® chemical regulatory content library, allowing content search, download, automated maintenance, and automated field population of LOLI data into several ExESS modules.  ExESS for LOLI® modules include ExESS SDS Management for the authoring, distribution, and management of ANSI and GHS compliant (M)SDS and labels in 40+ languages, and ExESS Volume Tracking and Reporting compliant with REACH Annex II for the EU, CSCL for Japan, and CDR for the US EPA.  Additional ExESS modules include ExESS Waste Management and ExESS Safety Management.

Locus official logo 2011

Locus Technologies specializes in providing comprehensive information management and consulting services for the environmental and energy industries. Locus' primary line of business is the integration of environmental content and domain expertise with Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings.  Locus provides businesses with the power to be green on-demand and has pioneered web-based environmental software suites. Founded in 1997, Locus is a pioneering innovator that helped create and define environmental data management. Locus' software enables companies to organize and validate all key environmental information in a single system, which includes analytical data for water, air, soil, greenhouse gases, sustainability, energy, compliance, and environmental content. Locus software is delivered through Cloud Computing (SaaS), so there is no hardware to procure, no large up-front license fee, and no complex set-ups.  Locus also offers services to help implement and maintain environmental programs using our unique technologies.

Locus’s energy and emissions management solutions enable organizations to monitor, lessen, and monetize energy usage and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in order to increase profitability. Locus solutions are currently in use to reduce energy cost, risk, and environmental impact at major oil and gas, food, transportation, manufacturers, utilities, technology companies, and defense companies around the world.


The REACH24H Consulting Group currently maintains a global presence, with offices in Ireland, China and Canada. We provide global chemical compliance solutions to assist chemical manufacturers, importers and downstream users to effectively manage their chemical regulatory responsibilities. The REACH24H Consulting Group is also industry leaders in China New Chemical Notification regulation compliance or ‘China REACH’. Our strong local China presence, coupled with European regulatory professionals who specialize in these complex regulations, means we are perfectly placed to assist your company to enter the Chinese market.

On June 21 2011, REACH24H Consulting Group has been acquired by CTI – Centre Testing International Corporation , a publicly traded company on the Chinese Stock Exchange (300012.SZ). CTI is China’s leading product testing, inspection, certification, and consulting firm, providing comprehensive services for virtually all consumer products.

Right Answer Logo

Right Answer: To be competitive in today’s world, you need to be able to work quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re looking for a knowledge solution or a document solution, RightAnswer helps you get it Right. Now.

RightAnswer Knowledge Solutions offer current and accurate chemical, (M)SDS, reproductive risk and regulatory compliance information, all in one place, using integrated and simultaneous search capabilities. That means you can quickly and easily find the information you need to form a broad array of trustworthy sources.

RightAnswer Document Solutions apply lean manufacturing methodologies and Six Sigma principles to the processes of labeling and (M)SDS document authoring. That means you spend less time – and money – meeting EHS, shipping and regulatory requirements.

Safetec Logo

Safetec: Provides dependable, no hassle chemical, risk and EHS compliance management software, services and content to a wide variety of clients around the world. For more than 15 years, organizations have relied on Safetec’s technology expertise and best practices to discover, assess, document and automate chemical and (M)SDS data to help achieve unparalleled safety, industrial hygiene, and environmental compliance. Employee-owned, and with an over 98% client renewal rate, Safetec has a proven track record of delivering value for our clients.

Selerant Logo

Selerant (Euroware) Whether you need a complete Regulatory Compliance Software ((M)SDS, ingredient list and other documents) or a Formula Development tool, WinCHEM is the right and world-wide proven solution. WinCHEM carries out a successful integration with the major ERP systems.

DevEX, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI) provides intuitive views, unique tools, and advanced analysis that seamlessly integrate data from all sources into a single database through its web-based interface.   

DevEX’s configurable modules include:  Product Development, Regulatory Compliance, Product Data Management, and Innovation Process Management.  Features include, but are not limited to:

  • Regulatory Guidelines (analysis and preparing for upcoming legislation)
  • Lifecycle Assessment (concept to commercialization analysis for truly sustainable products)
  • Nutritional Claims
  • Formula Optimizer
  • Formula Hierarchy Organization and Comparison
  • Labeling with linear explosion and alternate wording
  • Phase and Gate Methodology
  • Microsoft Project® Integration
  • Product Requirements and Specifications
  • Mass Replace for Ingredients

SAP Logo

SAP Market and technology leader in client/server enterprise application software, providing comprehensive solutions for companies of all sizes and all industry sectors.
Link to SAP Partner Info

Sitehawk Logo

SiteHawk is a leading innovator in cloud-based SDS and chemical data management solutions offering a complete approach to SDS management, chemical inventory tracking, and product sustainability initiatives. Organizations in virtually every industry utilize SiteHawk solutions to manage their hazard communication programs, meet regulatory and environmental compliance initiatives, manage chemical inventories and chemical data, publish safety data sheets, and keep workers safe throughout the organization. The complete SiteHawk solution portfolio includes software and services for SDS management, SDS authoring, chemical inventory management, and environmental regulatory compliance. For more information on any of these services, please visit

 SQ Empresas

Since 1999, SQ Empresas has been providing Environmental, Health and Safety Operational Excellence services, ensuring customer sustainability through innovation, cutting edge technology, and a team of highly qualified and competent professionals.

SQ works daily to decrease the environmental, safety and health risks of our client`s operations through independent auditing, training, consulting, and engineering services in Chile, Colombia, and Peru.