ChemADVISOR Offers Only Representative Services

Under the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals (REACH) (Regulation (EC) 1907/2006), non-European Union companies are able to appoint an “Only Representative” (OR) to assist them in complying with REACH requirements.

One of an OR’s key challenges is to bring effective support to overseas clients with a wide variety of experience and knowledge of the European chemical marketplace. We recognize that a “one size fits all” approach cannot meet our customer’s needs. As your Only Representative, ChemADVISOR is able to provide customized levels of service to meet your company’s representation, staffing, and technical requirements.

Another key challenge is to help our clients understand the consequences of the decisions they make in response to REACH. In this role, the OR needs to understand both the European marketplace and the client’s activities around the world. This support may require us to provide not only manpower and REACH knowledge, but also translation, regulatory interpretation, and other skills. ChemADVISOR brings you a unique combination of native language expertise, industry experience, and knowledge of the North American, Asian, and European regulatory and business environments.

ChemADVISOR has been providing EH&S regulatory consulting services for 23 years. Our LOLI database of international chemical regulatory information covers regulatory data sourced from over 90 countries. Our training courses have taught over a thousand students about global EH&S issues, including REACH, GHS, and (M)SDS authoring. We have already successfully helped many clients with pre-registration, pre-SIEF, and SEIF activities, and we have helped prepare them to comply with the CLP requirements in 2010. These skill sets and experience are examples of how we can help your company solve the many new challenges brought about by REACH.

Who may benefit from ChemADVISOR’s Only Representative Services?

  • non-EU entities exporting substances into the EU which qualify for “late pre-registration”
  • non-EU entities filing an immediate non-phase-in registration
  • non-EU entities who currently employ another OR and wish to switch services providers

ChemADVISOR Europe is able to offer differing level of services:

  • ROR Basic provides the minimum level of services to allow non-EU entities to register their products under REACH.
  • ROR Basic SIEF+ provides the client with additional ChemADVISOR technical, regulatory and administrative expertise during the substance SIEF and submission process, while still allowing the client to maintain control of the critical decisions over the REACH Registration process.
  • ROR Advanced SIEF+ allows the client to fully rely on ChemADVISOR’s expertise and guidance through the registration process with minimal client involvement needed.

You can download a more complete description of these products here:

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