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The Web Hosted Service is a secured, outsourced database management solution that allows ChemADVISOR to host your Saftey Data Sheet (SDS) databases on our servers.


  • Host customer specific and/or ChemADVISOR databases
  • Secure access via customer’s Intranet or remotely via the Internet, dependent on customer requirements
  • Easy to use search engine for retrieving SDSs online
  • Basic and advanced (“and/or”) searches across databases
  • Scanning and indexing service for vendor SDSs


  • Efficient SDS administration and access
  • Guaranteed retrieval of SDS data regardless of location
  • Reduced IT dependency and improved data quality
  • SDS additions and data updates seamlessly to the employee or manager
  • Library of SDS databases as defined by customer needs
  • No employee training required for browser-literate users
  • Expanded level of reliable service for current ChemADVISOR customers

Critical Issues Solved:

  • Provides a global solution for hazard communication
  • Updates and maintains chemical health & safety data
  • Reduces IT costs and dependence
  • Completes and standardizes SDS data for employees or customers


email: for pricing or call 800-466-3750