Germany’s Federal Water Act (Article 19g) requires that manufacturing plants, storage facilities, etc. that handle and store substances and mixtures hazardous to water must be built and operated to prevent contamination of water and to prevent detrimental changes to the properties of water.

Therefor substances and mixtures must be tested and classified to determine their water-hazardous properties.

Testing and classification is based on the ‘Administrative Regulation on the Classification of Substances hazardous to waters into Water Hazard Classes’ (German title: Verwaltungssvorschrift wassergefährdende Stoffe (VwVwS)).

Manufacturers/importers placing chemicals and/or chemical mixtures on the German market have the responsibility to classify and to communicate the information to their customers:

  • Classify substances according to VwVwS Annex 3, if not already listed on Annex 1 and 2;
  • Classify mixtures according to VwVwS Annex 3;
  • Document the new classification;
  • Send results for substances for collection and publishing to UBA (Umweltbundesamt - German environmental protection agency) (if not listed yet);
  • Communicate the Water Hazard Classes (WGKs) to their customers.

Based on Annex 3 of the ‘Administrative Regulation on the Classification of Substances hazardous to waters into Water Hazard Classes’, ChemADVISOR can determine Water Hazard Classes (WGKs) for your substances and mixtures (products).

To determine the appropriate Water Hazard Classes, ChemADVISOR needs some important details about the substances and/or mixture if available:

  • Acute toxicity to mammals (oral or dermal);
  • Toxicity to aquatic organisms;
  • Biodegradability;
  • Potential for bioaccumulation;
  • The constituents of the mixture including concentrations (CAS/EC numbers - individual substances/chemical composition).

We can assess your substances and/or mixtures and determine the Water Hazard Classes, support you regarding the data research, and assist you regarding the content of Section15 Regulatory Information/Germany Regulations in the EU Safety Data Sheets for your substances and products. Contact ChemADVISOR to get a quote at or +1 412-847-2000.