The List of Wastes is a catalogue of EU waste types and is used as a reference nomenclature to provide a common terminology throughout the European Union (EU) for the purpose of improving the efficiency of waste management activities.

The List of Wastes (LoW) serves as a common tool for the categorization of waste including the classification of hazardous wastes. The assignment of waste codes has a major impact on the disposal and transport of waste, installation permits (which are usually granted for the processing of specific waste codes), and decisions about recyclability of the waste.

Manufacturers or Importers who place hazardous mixtures or substances on the EU market shall provide sufficient information regarding waste disposal in their EU Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Based on the EU Waste Framework Directive and List of Wastes, ChemADVISOR can determine Waste code(s) for your substances, products and packaging materials.

To determine the appropriate LoW code, ChemADVISOR needs some important details about the waste:

  • what type of the waste
  • users (who disposes the waste - industrial/professional/consumer)
  • how will the waste be produced
  • a full description of the waste
  • the constituents of the waste (CAS/EC numbers - individual substances/chemical composition)
  • the concentration of any dangerous substances (chemical composition) and descriptions of the risks (risk phrases/hazard statements – C&L) associated with these substances
  • the hazards associated with the waste; and
  • information regarding the packaging material (possible recycling of empty containers; product/substances residues in the container)

We can categorize your waste, support you regarding the communication and documentation of wastes codes, and assist you regarding the content of Section 13 Disposal considerations in the EU Safety Data Sheets for your substances and products.  Contact ChemADVISOR to get a quote at or +1 412-847-2000.