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On November 28, 2008, the EU Council and Parliament adopted Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 on Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) of substances and mixtures. Under this regulation, manufacturers or importers of substances, substances in mixtures, and substances in articles are required to notify the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) of the classification under CLP for substances by December 1, 2010. Notifications are required for:

  • Any substance also subject to REACH registration (e.g., imported into the EU in quantities equal or greater than 1 ton per year)
  • Any substance determined to be hazardous under CLP, regardless of volume imported

In order to perform a notification, you must:

  • Sign-up your company in REACH-IT and/or IUCLID5
  • Determine the appropriate classification by:
    • Agreeing with an existing classification on Annex IV
    • Obtaining a classification through the SIEF for a substance
    • Conducting a classification calculation yourself (link this to the C&L Classification page)

ChemADVISOR can help you meet the notification requirements of the CLP. We are experienced users of REACH-IT and IUCLID5, and we have experience in communicating with SIEFs and ECHA. We can help you to plan a project to ensure that all of your substances are properly classified and notified by the December 2010 deadline.

ChemADVISOR offers a C&L notification service at a per substance price of $800. Under this service, we will determine the appropriate classification and submit the notification to ECHA. Please contact us today for more information.