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ChemADVISOR can offer products and services in support of your attempts to comply with the regulatory requirements for your products around the world. We are able to tailor these products and services to meet your company’s exact needs, from aiding your in house experts in monitoring the global chemical control environment, to conducting global product registration on your behalf.

Phase 1. ChemADVISOR’s Global Chemical Regulation Report

ChemADVISOR collects information on the general chemical regulatory requirements for countries around the world. We contact the appropriate federal or national level regulatory agencies within the designated countries and assemble the information they have available. We will provide the results of this activity as a bi-annual report including a reference to any relevant information and a brief summary of those requirements. Where possible, we will provide a link to an English language source, although you should recognize that this may not always be available.

The Global Chemical Regulation Report includes:
- Chemical Inventories
- Substance Registration & Notification
- Product Registration & Notification
- New Chemical Notification
- Hazard Communication

Phase 2. Chemical Specific Report

ChemADVISOR can provide a report of the status of your current chemicals delivered bi-annually. Based on the results of this report, ChemADVISOR can also provide guidance to address any issues you may identify in a separate proposal.

Phase 3. Product and Substance Specific Determination of Chemical Requirements

ChemADVISOR can apply our knowledge of the global chemical regulatory environment to create a detailed path forward for bringing your products and substances into compliance in the countries of interest.

Phase 4. Global Registration Services

Using our network of in house expertise and third party subject matter experts, ChemADVISOR can help you to implement a plan for achieving global registration compliance.

Under this structure, ChemADVISOR can provide the exact level of detail your company needs. For example, if you already have a staff of chemical regulatory professionals, then the Global Chemical Regulation Report will keep them up-to-date with the most recent changes in the chemical control environment. If your current staff is over-worked, or if you don’t want to invest the time and energy to learn about the chemical control environment in a new market, you can let ChemADVISOR do the work for you!

You can view a video of our products and services on ChemADVISORTV.