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ChemADVISOR is the industry leader in providing Environmental, Health, Safety and Transportation (EHS&T) compliance information and solutions.

Since our foundation in 1986, we have continued to provide our clients with compliance solutions to help them navigate the ever-changing, chemical regulatory landscape.

ChemADVISOR was founded by Patricia Dsida, a toxicologist and regulatory affairs expert, under the name Regulatory Resources. From those humble beginnings the company has grown into the industry leader in international chemical regulatory compliance. ChemADVISOR offers a variety of database products, training programs and consulting services for handling hazardous materials on a global basis. Our staff tracks chemical regulations in over 125 countries and we have performed hazard evaluations and written Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for over 100,000 substances and mixtures covering a wide spectrum of industries, languages and hazards.

Our database products, including ChemADVISOR Navigator, LOLI Database, and Transportation Advisor provide the most comprehensive chemical regulatory information available. LOLI (List of Lists) contains hundreds of thousands of substances in over 5,700 lists, including non-regulatory and supplementary information. Our products are designed by EHS&T Experts to empower you to achieve compliance with regulations, author SDSs and label statements in multiple languages, determining Global Harmonized System (GHS) and Transportation Classifications, and much more. These tools are offered as a stand-alone product, or can easily be integrated into your existing applications.

Our consultants have experience with regulations in over 125 countries.  We have written SDSs for hundreds of thousands mixtures and pure substances across a wide spectrum of industries. Our experience has enabled us to be the leader in authoring SDSs and other HazCom documents. We are able to provide market readiness assessments to confirm that a product is ready and compliant to sell in a given market. We also provide in-house training to ensure your EHS&T staff are on the leading edge of compliance.

Contact us for more information about ChemADVISOR or how we can help you meet your goals toward regulatory compliance. Our team would also be happy to meet with you at our headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or arrange on on-site meeting.

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ChemADVISOR’s goal is to be an indispensable source of environmental, health safety, and transportation information and technology to our customers and business partners.


ChemADVISOR strives to maintain the most current and accurate information in the environmental, health, safety and transportation industry. We will work with you every step of the way towards regulatory compliance.




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