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ChemADVISOR is an expert global provider of chemical, health, safety and environmental regulatory compliance information and support. From consulting to managing, our experts will make sure your regulatory process is on track.


Our simple software integration capabilities make managing your chemical regulatory process undemanding and reliable from start to finish.


Over 30 years of expert knowledge.

ChemADVISOR offers a wide array of individual and multi-phase training courses available on site and online, to keep you up to date and in compliance.

Biocide and Pesticide Review and Registration

  • PMRA

Before a biocide (or pesticide) can be sold, the product must be registered. During this process, data must be presented to demonstrate that the material is not unreasonably hazardous to human or environmental health (other than the intended target).

ChemADVISOR’s experts will complete a product review that involves evaluation of the product and product substances to identify regulatory requirements for legal sale in accordance with the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).

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Global Registration

  • REACH and CLP
  • TSCA
  • PMRA

Using our network of in-house and third party experts, ChemADVISOR can help you to implement and execute a plan for achieving global registration compliance.

ChemADVISOR offerS products and services in support of your attempts to comply with the regulatory requirements for your products around the world. We are able to tailor these products and services to meet your company’s exact needs, from aiding your staff in monitoring the global chemical control environment, to conducting global product registration on your behalf.

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Written Hazard Communication Program

    Did you know that one of the most commonly cited inspection violations is “lack of, or an incomplete, written program”?  When planning your Compliance actions, don’t overlook reviewing and updating your written Hazard Communication program.

    We can help.

    ChemADVISOR will review and update your program. Our written Hazard Communication program is considered a blueprint of your workplace specific program reflecting your current Hazard Communication compliance process.

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    Market Readiness

    • Hazard Communication
    • Substance Registration/Notification
    • Product Registration/Notification
    • Product Use Specific Requirements
    • Identification of Applicable Regulations

    ChemADVISOR’s team of experts monitors regulations around the world. Our global expertise is primed to evaluate products for sale between regulated countries. Our experts identify chemicals that are regulated and interpret how regulations may (or may not) affect our customer’s attempts to push product to market. As part of a market readiness assessment, regulatory experts will complete a product review that involves a product evaluation to identify regulatory requirements for legal sale for industrial or consumer applications.

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    Other Regulatory Consulting Services

    • VOC Services
    • Harmonized Tariff Codes
    • Waste Codes
    • Water Hazard Classification

    ChemADVISOR in-house professionals have expert knowledge to serve you in many specific chemical regulatory arenas. By gathering a few details about your substance and/or mixture, we can help determine what your company needs to be and stay in compliance with your product(s) requirements. We can also help you navigate how to classify and communicate the information to their customers.

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    SDS Authoring Services

    • Templates
    • Platforms
    • Translations
    • Confidentiality

    ChemADVISOR provides a wide range of services to support our clients SDS hazard communication programs. Our experts are able to provide worldwide understanding and support to help companies provide the best information to the global market.

    Each team member is fully versed in the SDS requirements for the regulated regions of the world. This knowledge can be harnessed to work within the authoring system of the customer’s choice to create documents compliant with global standards.

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    Transportation of Dangerous Goods

    • Classification
    • Shipping
    • Labeling
    • Packaging

    Dangerous Goods are substances, mixtures, or articles that are regulated for transportation due to their dangerous nature.

    ChemADVISOR offers assistance to cover all aspects of safely transporting dangerous goods around the globe. Our experts (including resources with Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) certification) can assist with navigating the regulatory differences between all major modes of transport as well as the various regional transport authorities.

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