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ChemADVISOR has developed two new courses that focus on country specific chemical control requirements in the Asian marketplace.  These courses can be taken individually, or together.

China Chemical Control Regulations Course – October 10, 2012 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


This one-day course provides information on important chemical control regulations in China, covering China REACH, toxic chemicals for import/export, Decree 591 and China GHS.

Under China REACH, manufacturers and importers of new chemical substances and restricted toxic chemicals must register with the Ministry of Environmental Protection before they can put their products on the Chinese market. Regulations on the Safety Administration of Hazardous Chemicals (Decree 591) are the principle regulations on managing hazardous chemicals in China. China has officially implemented the UN GHS since 2011 and GHS labels and SDS must be provided by suppliers of hazardous chemicals, including foreign companies.

Japan Chemical Control Regulations Course – October 9, 2012 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This one-day course provides a comprehensive overview of the chemical control framework in Japan. It covers current Japanese regulations concerning hazardous chemical substances and their production, import, and use, as well as some essential hazard communication requirements including the GHS-based labeling and SDS requirements implemented by Japan. 

The course also discusses new substance notification systems and the procedures involving notification, highlighting features of Japanese inventories under the Chemical Substance Control Law and the Industrial Safety and Health Law.  Effective in April 2011, risk assessment of existing chemical substances has been implemented in Japan, and now any business that manufactures or imports chemical substance in Japan is required to report annual tonnage and usage information of its chemical to the government. 


In addition to the publically available courses, ChemADVISOR can also present these topics at a private event at a location of your choice.

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